Kiip Fire TV Integration Guide


The Kiip Android SDK has everything you need to start serving Kiip Rewards within your Fire TV app. This includes keyboard support for the Fire TV remote.

Note: Due to GDPR regulations, Kiip is now blocking all ad requests from the affected EEA regions.

Getting Started

Please navigate over to the Android Guide for an in-depth guide to integrating the Kiip Android SDK into a Fire TV application.

SDK Documentation

Please refer to the Kiip Android SDK documentation for more in-depth explainations on how Kiip works.

Sample Application

We’ve provided a couple of sample applications for you to browse. Check out our public Github repo in case you’d like to try custom notifications, or just need to see some code samples.

Trouble with test rewards?

If your test device is not located in the US and you’re having trouble retrieving a test reward, please use a VPN with set to a US location.

VPN Assistance

We’re aware of occurances where developers using a US-based VPN experience IP leakage which prevents them from seeing test rewards. We suggest using a service like or a similar service to detect potential IP leaks to ensure you can test Kiip successfully.

Need Help? Want to request a feature?

We’re happy to answer any questions about integrating Kiip. Please email us.